Man Disguised As Elderly Woman Smears Mona Lisa Portrait With Cake

It is as yet not satisfactory what the man’s intention was behind and the way that he pirated the cake into the historical center.

Craftsmanship fans at the Lourve Museum in Paris were left staggered after an “elderly person” leaped out of her wheelchair to spread cake over the Mona Lisa painting. Pictures and recordings of the well known painting stained with cake cream circulated around the web via virtual entertainment on Sunday.

Marca detailed that a man masked as an old lady in a wheelchair bounced up and tossed cake on the notable canvas, stunning spectators. He purportedly endeavored to get through the impenetrable glass that safeguards Leonardo da Vinci’s work in the Louver Museum.

As per observers, the culprit was a man an in a wheelchair hairpiece. He out of nowhere stood up and moved toward the artistic creation. Right away, he attempted to obliterate the presentation case. At the point when that didn’t work, he tossed the cake onto the material and spread it over the glass board. He additionally sprinkled roses before he was thumped to the ground by security.

The video shows the cake spread across the glass the Mona Lisa sits behind. It additionally shows the culprit tending to the guests in French as he is taken by security. Refering to a Spanish news source, Pledge Times detailed that in addition to other things, the man yelled: “certain individuals are attempting to obliterate the earth, consider the earth!”

Onlookers said that the man camouflaged himself as an old woman and rode through the exhibition hall in a wheelchair prior to committing the assault. It is as yet not satisfactory what the man’s rationale was behind and the way that he snuck the cake into the exhibition hall.

In the mean time, it is to make reference to that this isn’t the initial time the Mona Lisa has been focused on by hoodlums. As per Ladbible, in 1956, the lower a piece of the show-stopper was seriously harmed when a hoodlum splashed the work of art with corrosive. Because of this episode, the Mona Lisa was kept behind impenetrable glass.

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