Pankaj Bhadouria Shares An Easy Hack For Peeling Potatoes

Assuming you cook consistently, you would realize that these convenient tips frequently make your errand a ton more straightforward.


This kitchen hack will save your timeLearn how to strip potatoesRead to know more

Any speedy and smart kitchen hack is definitely not a waste of all time. Assuming you cook routinely, you would realize that these helpful hints frequently make your errand a ton simpler. There are such countless fixings, including foods grown from the ground, that we utilize pretty much consistently while cooking. One such humble food thing is a potato. This vegetable is generally utilized in a scope of treats in Indian families. There are numerous ways of getting ready potatoes. Be that as it may, more often than not, it gets tiring and to some degree exhausting when we are approached to strip the bubbled potatoes. All in all, is there some method for saving time and make the work more straightforward? Indeed. Cook Pankaj Bhadouria has a simple tip to strip the potatoes.

In the video, shared on Instagram, Pankaj said that first, make a cut on every potato utilizing a blade. You can get it done totally around its surface. Then, put them all in the tension cooker for additional bubbling. When the interaction is finished, let the potatoes cool down and you’ll see that the stripping system has become way more straightforward than previously. The culinary specialist likewise demonstrated the way that, after this strategy, you can undoubtedly dispose of the external covering of the potato inside a jiffy.

Beforehand, Pankaj Bhadouria shared one more video on the most proficient method to cook capsicum appropriately. There are numerous ways of setting it up, in any case, you must ensure that its flavors stay in one piece. The capsicum ought to stay succulent and sweet-smelling obviously. Pankaj said that the correct method for cooking capsicum is by pan-searing it. She prompted watchers not to bubble it ever while cooking. Sautéing the capsicum keeps up with its surface and sharpness.

Do take help from these tips at whatever point you are cooking in the kitchen next.

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