Without Oil Pickle Recipe: This Sound Garlic Achaar Is Ideally Suited For Weight Reduction Diet

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This garlic pickle is loaded with flavors and zest, however contains no oil and salt. Watch the recipe video here.


Pickles are an enormous piece of Indian meals.If you are searching for sound pickles, we have a recipe for you.Try this zero-oil garlic pickle which tastes perfect.

Indian pickles have an enormous fan following, in India as well as all over the globe. The mixed kinds of the achaars are sufficient to amp up any tasteless dinner. We as a whole love achaar, however when we see a thick layer of oil drifting on top of them, our cerebrums sends our psyche into a free for all. Oil is something all weight-watchers need to stay away from. So for their purposes, we have brought a recipe of an achaar that is totally sans oil. This garlic pickle is brimming with flavors and zest, yet contains no oil and salt; yet it scents and tastes scrumptious.

We found this sans oil garlic pickle recipe on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ and found it ideal for our weight reduction diet. This achaar is made with the conventional method of combining every one of the entire fixings as one and allowing it to leak in acidic fluid for quite a long time to mature. The mix of garlic, ginger, kalonji and entire red chillies is really heavenly. However, make sure to cook the kalonji first since it radiates an empowering smell that will make this achaar recipe winsome.

Without oil Garlic Pickle Recipe I How To Make No-Oil Lehsun Achaar: Take 200 gms garlic and strip them and let dry them totally. Strip and cut ginger into little round cuts. First dish some kalonji for 2 minutes. Put a few entire red chillies in a bowl. Add garlic, ginger and dried crude mango, likewise called khattai. Add a lot of ganna (sugarcane) sirka, and kalonji. Blend everything well. Store the combination in a container for 10 days. Mix it once consistently. Consume it as a backup following 10 days. On the off chance that you need, you can sprinkle some salt over it while serving.

You can watch the total recipe video of without oil garlic pickle here and remember to give it a shot.

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